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Haultech combines video and tracking

22 April 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Top Stories

Transport software specialist HaulTech has launched an integrated tracking device and camera designed as a low-cost method of providing vehicle tracking and incident recording for transport operators. The system is based on the Smart Witness KP1 incident camera, which also delivers vehicle tracking and driver behaviour information to the TrakMan LiveO platform.

“The KP1 incident camera constantly monitors vehicle location and records driver behaviour such as harsh braking, harsh cornering and speeding,” says Clare Armstrong, Commercial Director of HaulTech.

“The KP1 compresses the 20-second video clip into just 150KB of data, so operators do not need to worry about the impact that streaming large video files would have on mobile data allowances,” says Business Development Director Bob Haughton.

The video camera is triggered by a g-sensor, when up to 20 still images are transmitted to the TrakMan LiveO platform. Ten images are provided of events leading up to the incident and ten immediately afterward. An alert is sent to the designated individual who can review the images or replay a 20-second video clip straight away.

The device also includes a 32GB SD card in a tamper-proof locked compartment and the incident footage is recorded on it. HaulTech aims to have a link to a digital tachograph for the device by the end of the year.

The company is offering fitting at £49 per unit, with prices starting from £19.95. This includes the hardware, TrakMan LiveO platform and airtime. The system can be integrated with the company’s HaulTech Traffic, which captures data including load, rate paid and fuel used for the delivery.

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