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New kit said to reduce aerodynamic drag by 33% on HGVs

13 May 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Top Stories #Truck

A new drag reduction kit for HGVs, launched at the CV Show last month, has been patented and is being adopted by Eddie Stobart.

Wirth Research used its experience in motorsport technology to develop the new Bumper Turning Vane as part of its AeroKit package for HGVs. When fitted to an un-kitted truck, it claims to reduce aerodynamic drag by 33%, bringing fuel efficiency and carbon reduction advantages.

Eddie Stobart COO David Pickering said, “We will be rolling out the WR AeroKit with new trucks coming on to the Eddie Stobart fleet later this year and I look forward to delivering our environmental results on the road.”

President of Wirth Research Nick Wirth said, “Enhancing the drag performance of HGVs is the ultimate aerodynamic challenge. The results have been such that we have committed to invest heavily in research and tooling to develop and bring the WR AeroKit to market, so convinced are we of the technology’s benefits to drag reduction and the lowering of carbon emissions.”

“It started as an aerodynamic challenge, and has resulted in an environmentally-conscious technology that helps deliver on the corporate social responsibility commitments of fleet operators.”

More than 500,000 miles of real-world intensive testing of the WR AeroKit was conducted on a trial fleet of Eddie Stobart tractor units and trailers during 2014. Independent testing was carried out at Motor Industry Reseach Association (MIRA) and Millbrook in Bedfordshire.

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