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Daimler begins 3D printing of parts

11 December 2019 #Bus and Coach #News #TNB News

Daimler Buses is taking an innovative approach to spare parts…producing them directly from a 3D printer.

The new system, which will see top quality parts manufactured and customised to meet customer requirements, will mean parts are available more quickly.

Using 3D printing, Daimler’s bus division can quickly, flexibly, economically and environmentally responsibly react to urgent customer requirements, and in particular in the case of rarely ordered components or special customer requests.

This includes covers and handles, and even extends as far as a diverse range of individual brackets.

Today, complex, non-safety-relevant 3D printed components, which until now comprised several individual components such as plastic caps for metal fixtures and hinges, are already being used in interiors of Daimler models.

However, the brand’s Centre of Competence for 3D Printing is examining the feasibility of more than 300,000 parts from across its range for possible 3D printing.

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