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New sliding bogie tipper trailer offers 50% capacity boost

05 November 2020 #TNB News #Trailer

Crick Trailer Sales has launched a new sliding bogie tipper trailer providing up to 50% increased payload compared to a traditional rigid alternative. The company has cited a unique chassis design and new hydraulic drive system for providing the boost alongside improved stability, manoeuvrability and enhanced safety.

The new trailer can transport up to 29.5 tonnes of aggregate in its extended position running at its 44-tonne limit. A conventional 8×4 unit can carry 19.7 tonnes at its 32-tonne limit.

Crick Trailer Sales technical sales representative, Scott Pagano, said, “In recent years, articulated tipping vehicles have been gaining popularity in aggregate sector operations as there are clear savings to be made from larger payloads and fewer journeys. The unique chassis design of the sliding bogie tipper also ensures higher levels of safety for operators and greater manoeuvrability, which makes the vehicle easier to drive.”

The body can be shortened to enhance stability and manoeuvrability. Fitment of an SAF Holland hydraulic drive can provide – via in-cab activation to combat adverse off-highway conditions – up to an additional 600Nm torque to the rear drive axle. In tests conducted at HORIBA MIRA, the company stated that the trailer remained stable at 8.5 degrees with a load of just under 29 tonnes.

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