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UK’s first 27-tonne curtainside EV takes to the road

22 April 2021 #TNB News #Truck

Last week CCF has launched the UK’s first 27-tonne curtainside all-electric truck. After three years’ development, the vehicle has been manufactured and supplied through Electra and is fitted with 287kWh batteries that provide a range of up to 120 miles on a single 7-hour charge.

The vehicle has also achieved a five-star Direct Vision Standard rating thanks to a sensor system to alert the driver to vulnerable road users, an audible manoeuvring alarm and five-way camera monitoring system. Vehicle usage and battery discharge characteristics are closely monitored by vehicle tracking and telematics systems, plus onboard weighing scales.

According to Electra managing director, Ben Smith, the vehicle can be charged from any 32/63 amp or any three-phase power supply away from the depot. The design helps, he said, contribute towards a battery end-of-life strategy centred on energy storage, further helping to reduce the environmental impact.

Catherine Gibson, CCF managing director, said, “Being as sustainable as possible and investing in this vehicle is not only instrumental to CCF’s delivery operations across London, but will also help to reduce harmful emissions while contributing to the UK’s ambitious sustainability targets and journey to net-zero.”

TfL’s head of transport strategy and planning, Christina Calderato added, “This is a pioneering electric vehicle for its size and is demonstrating the highest standards we look for both environmentally and for safety. The innovation behind the manufacture of this vehicle is industry leading. The distance that can be covered on a full charge makes switching to zero emission viable for a commercial business and the latest vehicle safety technology, such as sensors and alarms, keep pedestrians and cyclists safe from harm.”

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