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Citroën launches last-mile-focused My Ami Cargo

13 May 2021 #Other #TNB News

Citroën has launched a commercial version of its all-electric two-seater Ami. The My Ami Cargo offers a 140kg, 400-litre payload and is designed as a last-mile delivery option for urban areas. It provides a 47-mile range and can be fully charged from a standard socket in three hours.

The van, which is 2.41m long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m tall, is equipped with a partition between driver and cargo area, a modular shelf that can hold up to 40kg, two-way adjustable floor that can be raised and locked, and independent closed storage to accommodate valuable items.

A steel tubular structure provides the My Ami Cargo with improved safety when compared to two- or three-wheeled last-mile solutions, says Citroën, and a 7.2m turning circle helps provide a high level of inner city manoeuvrability.

My Ami Cargo will be available to order in France from June 2021, while UK companies are able to declare an expression of interest here.

Laurence Hansen, director of Citroën strategy and product, said, “It’s a vehicle that provides a concrete solution for last-mile delivery, particularly of small packages, the volume of which has increased exponentially in recent months. This offer completes Citroën’s utility vehicle range, and each model now offers an electric version.”

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