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5 minutes with Richard Hudson, Commercial Director at LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company)

23 September 2021 #TNB News

TNB speaks with Richard Hudson, Commercial Director at LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company).

Tell us about the VN5 electric van
In November 2020, we started production of our first non-taxi model, the medium-sized VN5 electric van. It can achieve a pure EV range of more than 60 miles and a total flexible range of over 300 miles which means both zero-emission capability and zero range anxiety, a critical combination for commercial vehicle operators. The VN5 cargo capacity easily accommodates two Euro sized pallets and comes with a large side-loading door and a 60/40 split door at the rear to make loading and unloading easier. Its eCity technology also meets the demanding duty cycles of various different sectors. It is proving very attractive for businesses for both their running costs and their own sustainability programmes and it has already been trialled with several big organisations. Our vehicles are built in Ansty, Coventry at one of the largest production plants in the UK and the country’s first dedicated to the production of electric vehicles. With VN5, our strategic focus is to grow our brand both in the UK and in new markets, offering green mobility solutions for customers.

What about your expansion into other countries?
We established a new central European sales office in Frankfurt in 2019 to increase our presence across Europe and we have recently expanded into Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Spain. LEVC has also entered the Israeli market, and our vehicles are now available in Japan and Egypt as well. Growth in new markets such as Middle East, New Zealand and Australia will continue to increase the company’s exports and this strategy will see LEVC move from 90% domestic sales to 60% export in 2022.

And your new telematics offering?
We recently launched a new telematics service, available to order on the VN5 van which offers productivity and cost savings for businesses of all sizes.  LEVC Telematics is an integrated fleet management solution delivering live data to track vehicles as smartly and efficiently as possible. Connected by Geotab, it is centred around a simple online dashboard and includes tools dedicated to electric vehicle reporting. It can also be fitted retrospectively to LEVC vehicles already in operation.

What about the LEVC dealer network?
Part of our network growth strategy is to ensure that LEVC customers are never further than 45 minutes from a sales and service point. Our specialist and dedicated commercial vehicle dealers provide full sales and after sales support for the VN5 and we are looking to expand into more areas of the country.

Tell us about LEVC’s work with other companies
It is very important that we can offer flexible, bespoke solutions to customers in relation to the VN5 and we work with a range of highly respected conversion partners and vehicle security specialists such as Modul-System, Sortimo, Paneltex, Bott Group and Locks 4 Vans to ensure individual customer requirements are met.

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