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5 Minutes with Ed Bishop, Sortimo

30 September 2021 #Features & Interviews

TNB talks to Ed Bishop, UK Sales Manager at Sortimo, about the firm’s range of van products.

Tell us about Sortimo?
Sortimo offers a large range of high quality products and services for vans and delivery vehicles including racking systems, cases, boxes, load-securing systems, large drawers, roof racks and work benches. For drivers, it is vital to have a van that is organised and tidy. During their working day, it is also important that they know where things are and that there is room for all their equipment. The van must be functional, efficient and help make the driver’s life easier. Sortimo is able to deliver a configuration tailored to the daily needs of the driver with a logical and defined vehicle interior design. A customer can configure our SR5 van racking system online according to their own personal specification and we can also provide labels for individual boxes that are used to store items.

Why should a tradesperson purchase Sortimo products as opposed to ones from other manufacturers?
We can supply the right solutions and racking systems for every type of vehicle. Our racking can provide tradespeople with a big efficiency boost and make each working day more productive as workers benefit from a very clear overview of their materials, machines and tools. We have also introduced an app so that businesses can keep control of their stock for greater accountability.

Tell us about Sortimo’s Pro Click system?
Pro Click consists of tool bags and a tool belt which is useful when a driver is using a ladder, working on scaffolding or overhead. The tool bags can be ideally securely transported in the vehicle and taken to the place of use. They can be simply hooked into the van racking when they are not being carried on the tool belt or can also be used inside the vehicle as a container for tools and consumables.  Pro Click is about the needs of the tradesperson and making workflow processes smooth and effective.

What is the most important thing when it comes to design of van racking products?
Every piece of equipment must be secure so that movement is reduced while the vehicle is moving. Van drivers must also have confidence that material and machinery will not move around during the journey. Optimal space utilisation and low weight are both very important elements. With our SR5 van racking, it is possible to maximize cargo space without any compromise with regards to quality. In addition, we make the van shelving lighter, which means less fuel used, not as much wear and tear and lower operating costs generally. As a result, the load capacity is also better utilised for materials and tools.

Ed Bishop, UK Sales Manager at Sortimo

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