LH Evans gets battery-powered Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

17 February 2022 #Van

A Cardiff electrical wholesaler has commissioned its first battery-powered van which it says is “ideal” for making deliveries in and around the Welsh capital.

LH Evans’s new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is powered by a 114 hp electric motor that can travel 95 miles on a single charge – ample for most urban delivery and ‘last mile’ applications.

The vehicle is now on the road in the city and operating under a typical delivery pattern of short distances with frequent stopping and starting. Recuperative energy is recovered when decelerating, which supplements the batteries’ output.

Mercedes based the eSprinter on its medium length, high roof Sprinter, with a 55 kWh high-voltage battery pack mounted beneath the body so that it does not impinge on loading space.

Meanwhile, the fitted ‘Mercedes me’ system employs 4G internet technology to provide operators with remote access to vehicle data such as location and remaining battery charge.

LH Evans charges the eSprinter overnight and sometimes tops it up in the afternoon using an 11kW wall box supplied by Rolec Services, in Boston, Lincolnshire.

“For urban operation, in and around Cardiff, it’s ideal,” said Mark Etchells, Finance Manager at LH Evans. “Not only are there no exhaust emissions but it’s great to drive too, with instant torque, smooth running, very little noise and no gear changes to worry about.

“We’re keen to do everything we can to minimise the effect of our operation on the local environment, and to prepare for any future restrictions on the use of diesel and petrol vehicles in city centres.”

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