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Five minutes with Gary Pearson, Head of Sales & Marketing UK and MENA, INEOS Automotive

12 May 2022 #Features & Interviews

Why is the CV Show important to INEOS?

The CV Show is one of the highlights of the commercial vehicle calendar and an excellent opportunity to showcase the Grenadier to the kind of people who depend on durable, reliable and highly capable vehicles to get the job done. The CV Show is also useful for us to build new and valuable relationships with prospective business partners, which is important as a relatively new manufacturer.

What are you highlighting/showcasing at the show this year?

We will be showcasing the INEOS Grenadier on our stand, with product experts on hand to provide all the technical and practical information that visitors to the show need.

Tell us about the new INEOS dealer network?

We want to offer buyers the flexibility to choose how they buy their Grenadier, which is why we are establishing a strong physical presence on the ground that will be matched by powerful digital tools. Our customers will be able to carry out as much of the process online or face-to-face as they want.

In the UK, we have chosen to use an agency model. This has made it possible to remove a number of aspects that often negatively impact on the buyer experience. Similarly, from a partner’s perspective, an agency model requires a lower level of investment from the partner and poses a lower risk for them. INEOS holds the vehicle inventory, controls the demand-driven ordering process, determines price, and transacts directly with the customer and there is no need for palatial showrooms.

How important is customer service to INEOS?

We are choosing retail partners who demonstrate that they will prioritise superb customer service ahead of sale and will be genuine product experts who understand what 4X4 drivers really need. Where possible, we also want to offer proper test drives, not a quick on-road drive around the block, so that customers can really familiarise themselves with the Grenadier in the environments in which they’ll be using it.

What are your anticipated highlights for this year?

We have recently announced our pricing and trim strategy as we prepare for order books opening 18 May, so the show falls at the perfect time for us to show Grenadier to a known audience and hear from potential customers who have specific hard-working uses for the Grenadier in mind.

Gary Pearson, Head of Sales & Marketing UK and MENA, INEOS Automotive

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