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Five minutes with Lawrence Drake, MD, DAF Trucks UK

26 May 2022 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about the new UK technician training programme for the DAF LF Electric and CF Electric trucks?

The training is being delivered at the DAF Academy at our UK head office in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire where workshop technicians take an IMI Level 3 course for two days. It forms part of a larger programme of activities designed to prepare our dealer network for the uptake of EVs, including investment into tooling and charging infrastructure.

When we were planning to introduce the CF/LF electric range it became evident quite quickly that more training was needed for people working on these new vehicles. We have sold about 40 of these trucks in the UK so far and we’re talking about a completely different kind of vehicle.

Can you give us details about the new electric charging stations available for DAF customers?

The subject of charging stations and infrastructure is government-led. However, through our parent company, Paccar, we are able to supply a whole suite of charging stations, and we have experts who are able to come and look at a customer’s premises and advise on their requirements.

How are customers responding to the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ ranges?

With the driver shortage, attracting and keeping new drivers has been particularly important and operators have been investing in new generation vehicles to reward the best drivers with the best trucks. The vehicles have great fuel economy and are smoother and quieter to drive than their predecessors.

Our head office in Eindhoven has worked with drivers on small details like cup holders and other features in the cab. The trucks have great cab space and operators like the safety features. It all adds to an efficient vehicle for any operator and a comfortable and safe one for the drivers.

How is the DAF dealer network performing with regards to MoT pass rates?

We are currently recording about a 98.6% pass rate, a record for us. We have a scoring system in place and 25 dealers are currently on 100%. We look to focus on dealers with lower scores and work to improve them. There was a deluge of MoTs last year due to a Covid-related backlog, but the way the dealers dealt with this was exceptional.

Lawrence Drake, MD, DAF Trucks UK

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