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Irizar reveals new generation i6S model coach

19 May 2022 #Bus and Coach

Luxury bus and coach builder Irizar has unveiled its new generation i6S Efficient coach that it says increases efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

The manufacturer said exhaustive aerodynamic studies and tests show a 30% improvement in the aerodynamic coefficient, a reduction of up to 13% in consumption and emissions and a cut in weight to just under one tonne.

Part of the coach front and roof have been modified, while the curvature of the windscreen and front side windows have been reworked to reduce air resistance as much as possible.

Meanwhile, i6S Efficient operators have the option to replace the rear view mirrors with digital vision cameras that are designed to provide wide-angle vision in all weather conditions and at night.

High-strength steel and lighter composite materials were used instead of traditional structural materials in the construction of the body.

The cockpit has also been redesigned to be more comfortable and ergonomic, with a larger field of vision.

In addition, the new line of Hispacold climate control devices is more compact, efficient and lighter.

With connectivity systems developed by Datik, data and usage statistics for the vehicle are stored on a cloud server, optimising route planning and reducing maintenance costs.

The i6S efficient is prepared for diesel, biodiesel, natural gas and biogas, and is designed to be adapted to future zero-emissions models.

Rafael Sterling, Irizar Group CEO said: “With the i6S we are using the most advanced technology for maximum connectivity, safety and comfort.”

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