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Five minutes with Mandy Dean, Director, Commercial Vehicles, Ford of Britain

16 June 2022 #Features & Interviews

How did Ford Pro come about?

The transition to electric vehicles is happening at an astonishing pace. Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes see the promise of electric vehicles, but they know it’s going to be a complicated shift, and they’re worried about it. They want to work with a single trusted partner, not cobble together a bunch of different services to help them get this transition right. And that is exactly why we have formed Ford Pro. By 2025 we will have launched no fewer than five fully electric commercial vehicles in Europe. E-Transit is hitting the roads now, and we recently released the first images of the 1-tonne E-Transit custom. Ford Pro is all about the productivity of our customers, and we want to help those customers make their transition to an electrified future really simple and worry free. It brings together five key pillars of commercial productivity solutions; vehicles, software, charging solutions, services and financing. Our early work in the US has shown us that this combination can save customers up to 20% of their total cost of ownership and that’s huge. Ford Pro is for customers who operate diesel, electric or a mix of the two and for multi-make fleets as well.

Can you tell us about the software and charging side?

Our software can unlock vehicle data and provide real time visibility on fleet vehicles by turning live data into actionable information, and we can help improve vehicle uptime and overall productivity. Also, whether you need home, depot or public charging solutions, we have it covered. Our Ford Pro Charging team can help with central billing, reimbursement, infrastructure and also advise on how to manage charging as part of everyday business.

Tell us about Ford Pro Service?

Ford Pro Service is committed to maximising uptime and using dedicated, data driven support from our Transit Centre dealers and FordLiive Centre can help lower costs and increase productivity. We also offer a suite of specialist capabilities, including extended opening hours, same day inspection and mobile or express servicing.

What about the financing side of Ford Pro?

Ford Pro FinSimple offers a hassle-free fleet finance experience which bundles vehicles and services into a single package. We can provide direct access to flexible lines of credit as well as simplified solutions to make leasing or purchasing vehicles easier than ever. We can provide a fully managed fleet solution too, through Ford Fleet Management.

And how can Ford Pro Special Vehicle Services help?

For something more bespoke, Ford Pro Special Vehicle Services can help businesses through each step of the vehicle conversion process. We have a range of One-Stop Shop converted vehicles, over 50 accredited Qualified Vehicle Modifier partners, as well as a team of experts and engineers that can offer technical and practical advice.

Mandy Dean, Director, Commercial Vehicles, Ford of Britain

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