Speedy invests £8m in fleet decarbonisation with 150 new electric vans

23 June 2022 #Van

Construction equipment and services provider Speedy is adding another 150 new electric vans to its fleet under an £8.25 million investment.

The UK firm has ordered 100 x 4.25-tonne single-chassis cab Ford E-Transit models, as well as 50 x 3.5 tonne E-Transit vans, which will replace internal combustion engine-powered vehicles across its 1,100-strong commercial fleet.

They are expected to be out on the road with Speedy’s drivers from October, with the company also rolling out EV charging points across its 200-strong network of service centres for employee and customer use.

The investment is the company’s latest step towards achieving its target of more than half of its commercial fleet to be electric or hybrid by 2025, and a fully low-carbon fleet by 2030.

Speedy, which already runs Maxus eDeliver 3 eLCVs, introduced a fully electric powered access delivery truck into its fleet last December. The firm has also fuelled its HGVs and tankers with low carbon hydrotreated vegetable oil since last summer to reduce emissions.

Chris Dempsey, Managing Director of Operational Support at Speedy, said: “Transforming our fleet with low- and zero-carbon models is crucial to leading the hire industry’s journey towards decarbonisation and aligns with our strategy of decarbonising our property network and expanding our low-emission Eco tools and equipment range.

“Our strategy supports our customer’s sustainability objectives as they strive to deliver projects with minimal environmental impact, of which site deliveries play a vital role.

“This significant investment in new electric vehicles demonstrates our commitment in helping our customers achieve these aims.”


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