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Five minutes with… Nick Andrews, Managing Director, Daimler Truck Financial Services UK

08 September 2022 #Features & Interviews

What can you tell us about the launch of Daimler Truck Financial Services UK?

UK customers for Mercedes-Benz and FUSO trucks, and Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, can now call on the support of a fully dedicated financial solutions partner following the launch of Daimler Truck Financial Services UK (DTFS UK).

Last month’s launch follows the spin-off of Daimler Truck from its former parent company Daimler AG in December 2021, marking the dawn of a new era of entrepreneurial independence for the truck and bus business.

Operators of trucks, buses and coaches bearing the three-pointed star, and light trucks with the FUSO three diamonds badge, were previously served in the UK by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, which continues to fund passenger cars and vans.

Their agreements have now been transferred seamlessly to Daimler Truck Financial Services on exactly the same terms as before.

The DTFS team in the UK shares its headquarters with Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK in Milton Keynes. Customers for new and used vehicles are being welcomed aboard by their own, personal Finance Specialists.

How does the announcement tie-in with the manufacturer’s plans for electric vehicles?

By developing intelligent and sustainable solutions, the new business is set to play a key role in driving the take-up of alternatively-fuelled vehicles. This is a tremendously exciting time to be launching our new business, not least because of the alternative fuels revolution now underway.

UK operators can already choose battery-electric rigid trucks such as the FUSO eCanter and Mercedes-Benz eActros. Other vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions, such as the low-entry eEconic and the eCitaro citybus, are just around the corner, while customer testing of the eActros LongHaul tractor unit begins next year. The first hydrogen fuel cell-powered Mercedes-Benz GenH2 trucks will be on UK roads by the end of the decade.

Transformative products like these require new and innovative approaches to the business of funding their acquisition and operation. We will support our customers on their journeys to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly future, by offering leasing, financing and insurance products tailored to these new technologies.

What about future plans?

DTFS is fully focused on serving B2B customers and has adopted a streamlined structure that will allow rapid responses to changing market needs. This is just the beginning, though, as our strategy is designed to deliver an integrated and sustainable solution for truck and bus operators across the UK.

Like our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK and EvoBus UK, and those in their respective Dealer networks, we already have vast experience and expertise in the commercial vehicle sector.

We’re committed to building lasting partnerships based on trust with customers, whether they be an owner-driver with a single vehicle or the CEO of a ‘blue chip’ fleet operator. And we’ll do that by providing flexible and customer-centric financing, leasing and insurance solutions and services with predictable costs over the entire lifecycle of a vehicle.

Our customers know their own businesses best. Our role is to tailor-make acquisition, insurance and other products that enable them to achieve their own financial and operational goals.

Tell us more about Daimler Truck Financial Services?

Daimler Truck Financial Services is a fully integrated part of the world’s biggest truck and bus manufacturer, Daimler Truck AG. Prior to the UK launch, DTFS was already doing business in 11 markets on six continents.

Further expansion is planned this year in Turkey and Spain, and thereafter in Germany and France.

With a global contract volume of €18 billion, it is the road transport industry’s largest captive financial services company.

Nick Andrews, Managing Director, Daimler Truck Financial Services UK

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