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From London to Porto, the UK CV sector has a crucial role to play

24 November 2022 #TNB News

Last week, I attended the International Association of the Body and Trailer Building Industry (CLCCR) Board of Directors meeting in Porto, Portugal, where SMMT holds the UK representative seat.

CLCCR is a great example of how SMMT represents members’ interests at an international level, through engagement with the European Commission and UNECE in Geneva. We are one of the key members of CLCCR, with SMMT Technical Manager David Francis coordinating the activities and priorities of the Technical Committee. This helps to boost Britain’s influence in international forums on regulatory matters affecting commercial vehicles, heavy trailers and buses and coaches.

At present, CLCCR is looking at the latest EU regulations on the certification of heavy-duty trailers and their influence on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. This includes most O3 and O4 trailers that have a box body, under EU schemes from 1 July 2024. CLCCR was able to secure derogations for low volume manufacturers within these regulations, along with promoting the design of a straightforward simulation tool for CO2 calculations. The forum is also considering new opportunities to raise industry awareness of trailer regulation and VECTO certification processes, with news expected in the new year.

Back at home, it’s immediate positive news for London bus users, meanwhile, with more funding provided for TfL to prevent the majority of cuts to its bus network. Buses are crucial to ensuring affordable mass mobility. Keeping routes running will aid greater roll-out of electric single and double deck buses, essential for decarbonising road transport. However, it is crucial that financial support is provided to all regions of the UK, particularly where alternative public transport is not available. This requires speeding up the delivery of Zero Emission Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) funding, to keep services and the net zero transition on track across the UK.

Finally, as we near the end of the year and look ahead to the next, SMMT will host a webinar on Thursday 8 December to discuss the CV Show, which takes place on 18-20 April, with attractive exhibition opportunities for SMMT members that qualify for concessionary rates. For more information, get in touch by emailing And for those of you joining the SMMT Annual Dinner next week, I look forward to seeing you there.


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