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Five minutes with… Mike Cutts, Iveco UK Light Business Line Director

16 February 2023 #Features & Interviews

How has Iveco been working with specialist body builders for the new eDaily?

Iveco has been working closely with body builders ahead of the eDaily’s arrival in the UK this year. Over 22 accredited body builders already have access to detailed technical drawings of the class-leading eLCV, allowing them to take full advantage of impressive features such as unrivalled 15kW ePTO onboard power in both electrical and mechanical options.

Describe the technology involved?

Providing technical data to body builders in advance enables operators to hit the ground running and work with their chosen creator to design an incredible variety of bodies from day one. Body builders also have full access to CAN bus which enables onboard equipment to integrate with the eDaily. The Iveco Daily is world-renowned for being an excellent platform for body builders thanks to its tough truck-based chassis.

This core DNA is something the new eDaily carries forwards into an electrified age. Available with wheelbases ranging from 3000mm to 4750mm and gross vehicle weights up to 7.2t, this eLCV features class-leading payload potential. Designed with body builders in mind, the eDaily’s mounting points are identical to that of the familiar diesel model already in widespread use.

Along with a flat chassis to build on with no parts protruding the upper frame, this makes a body builder’s transition to working on this EV painless.

What types of operators will buy the new eDaily?

We have received inquiries from just about every sector with all keen to explore what’s possible with an eDaily chassis. With its class-leading onboard power options, it is a great solution for ‘blue light’ vehicles such as ambulances that require high levels of energy to power lifesaving equipment and passenger taillifts.

The eDaily is equipped for every mission, featuring a Hi-Power mode to give performance boosting extra power boost when it’s needed. By depressing the accelerator beyond its natural point additional power is granted for hill starts of up to 30%, meaningful overtakes, and towing up to a class-leading 3.5t. As the only eLCV currently on sale to provide a 15kW ePTO, the eDaily’s applications are wide-ranging.

Tippers, chilled and refrigerated box vans, ariel platforms and much more can take advantage of the eDaily’s unrivalled onboard power. Artificial intelligence software is able to learn the habits of working vehicles to help preserve the required power its mission-specific equipment demands.

Tell us more about the choice of battery packs?

A fully modular battery set means that operators can tailor their eDaily based on their mission. Offered with one, two, or three 37kWh battery packs, eDaily’s can cover up to 248 miles on a single charge.*

Rapid charging at 80kW will see this model gain 62 miles of range in just 30 minutes. Peace of mind comes as standard with an eight-year 100,000-mile warranty for vehicles with one battery, or 155,000-miles with two or three batteries. A three-year or 100,000-mile chassis warranty accompanies the 2XL Repair and Maintenance package included for all models.

*Range quoted is that of an Iveco eDAILY 42S 3 battery model on the urban cycle fully laden.

Five minutes with… Mike Cutts, Iveco UK Light Business Line Director

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