Five minutes with…David Lorenz, Founder & CEO of Lunaz

29 June 2023 #Uncategorised

Tell us a bit more about Lunaz?

Lunaz’ home in Silverstone, has a capacity to up-cycle more than 1,110 industrial vehicles every year. The company has already committed to expanding its UK upcycling and electrification footprint to meet surging demand for electrified vehicles in the run-up to 2030.

What about the new partnership between Lunaz and waste management company Biffa?

The two companies are combining expertise to give Biffa trucks a new lease of life by replacing diesel engines with electric. This ensures older vehicles are upcycled instead of scrapped as Biffa transitions its fleet to zero emission powertrains.

In signing a fleet electrification and upcycling agreement, Lunaz commits to supporting the transition of Biffa’s existing diesel refuse trucks over the next decade to clean-air electric powertrains through our proprietary upcycling and electrification process and technology.

This multi-year production programme is expected to see growing numbers of vehicles delivered to Biffa over the mid-term. with an initial order of up to ten 26-tonne Upcycled Electric Vehicle (UEV) refuse trucks saving up to 210 tonnes in embedded carbon.

Biffa has led from the front in pioneering more sustainable waste management practices here in the UK. At Lunaz, we are proud to assist in delivering Biffa’s sustained commitment to leading the waste management industry’s transition to net zero.

By embracing the power of upcycling as a dramatically more sustainable course to the transition to a clean air fleet, Biffa delivers economic value to its stakeholders while delivering a great ecological dividend to the planet. By finding new life for diesel-emitting vehicles, we are delighted to stand together with a leading UK company in creating the potential to reduce global emissions at scale.

When will the first deliveries take place?

Following the successful completion of technical trials and due diligence, first deliveries will take place for operations on UK refuse collection routes in 2023. Biffa’s UEV refuse trucks will operate on both commercial and municipal waste collection routes.

For UK councils, the procurement of these vehicles represents a significant saving for the taxpayer, with more than £1 million in public money saved for every 20 vehicles upcycled and electrified versus buying new EV equivalents.

The British economy further benefits as Biffa and Lunaz are pioneering growth in circular practices at a critical time by supporting more than 300 jobs and a new green capability.

How have the Lunaz UEV vehicles been developed?

Lunaz UEV refuse trucks have been developed following live operator feedback with Lunaz engineers frequently taking part in refuse truck rounds to ensure an intimate understanding of front-line requirements. Critical enhancement to driver comfort and operation have been included, ensuring Biffa’s operational crew feel the benefit of the latest technology and innovations.

Every UEV by Lunaz undergoes an exhaustive process of remanufacturing, re-engineering and electrification. This takes place at the company’s state-of-the art upcycling and electrification campus on the Silverstone Technology Park. This will support more than 300 highly skilled jobs by 2025.

David Lorenz, Founder & CEO of Lunaz

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