Oxfordshire bakery takes eight new double-deck Tiger trailers

17 August 2023 #Trailer

Banbury baker Fine Lady has added eight Tiger Trailers double deckers to its fleet, featuring a three-quarter-length moving deck with 10-tonne rating.

Tiger has incorporated features to ensure cargo safety and minimise damage, including recessed hinges, reinforced pillar lowers, and rubber cones on doors and side panels.

Load securing is achieved through custom-designed nets held by vertical e-tracks, and the trailers also include safety enhancements like lights, alarms, and visual warnings.

Tiger Trailers says its four-ram hydraulic system ensures “enhanced robustness, reliability, and increased load capacity”.

Designed to transport unbranded bread in baskets, the trailers will primarily serve Fine Lady’s two bakeries in Banbury, Oxfordshire and Manchester.

From there, the company’s diverse range of loaves, buns, and other baked goods will be distributed to major supermarkets, wholesalers and various customers in the sandwich industry.

Adam Robson, Logistics Manager at Fine Lady, a subsidiary of the Heygate Group, said: “For the ordering of our new trailer fleet additions, we sought to identify a manufacturer that would be able to deliver on time, in full, and meet our specific operational requirements.

“It was clear from discussions with Tiger Trailers that they would be able to meet our timescales and custom requirements.”

Thomas Stott, Technical Sales Manager at Tiger Trailers, said: “After our visits to their sites, followed by their visit to Tiger to sign off the 3D model that our design and engineering team produced, it’s fantastic to see this established bakery’s new double deck trailers in the flesh on the road.”

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