Carrier Transicold units help BAKO cut emissions

04 April 2024 #Truck

Bakery wholesaler BAKO has taken delivery of 24 new rigid trucks, mounted with a combination of Carrier Transicold Supra 1150 multi-temperature systems and engineless Iceland 11 MT units.

The trucks will deliver powerful and efficient cooling capability, with the ability to power the refrigeration units via the truck’s engine and help reduce fuel usage and deliver potential emissions savings.

BAKO’s new Carrier Transicold Iceland MT units are each fitted to 18-tonne and 26-tonne Scania L-320 rigid trucks, supplied by Preston Scania.

In addition, the new Supra 1150 MT units, mounted to 26-tonne Volvo FM rigids, feature insulated box bodies built by Gray & Adams.

They replace older vehicles in the company’s temperature-controlled fleet, while the move represents the first time BAKO has selected Carrier Transicold’s engineless technology.

Carrier Transicold’s Iceland units run on power derived directly from the truck’s own engine through the company’s innovative Eco-Drive system. Eco-Drive incorporates a hydraulic pump connected to the vehicle’s engine power take-off, which is capable of generating the electrical input required to provide 100% refrigeration capacity, even at standard idle speed.

BAKO’s new Supra 1150 MT units mounted on rigid trucks have also been fitted with Eco-Drive systems, creating a hybrid set-up that allows the company to switch back to the Supra unit’s standalone diesel power if the vehicle stops for any period of time, without the need to keep the truck engine running.

Tony Cookson, Transport Manager at BAKO said: “We’re excited to see how Carrier’s engineless technology will help the business through reducing fuel costs, as well as delivering excellent sustainability benefits through reduced emissions and significantly quieter operation.”

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