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Terberg Ros Roca Group to be based in Warwick

09 March 2016 #News #Top Stories

The newly-formed Terberg Ros Roca Group is to be based in Warwick, the home of its Dennis Eagle subsidiary. The new group has been formed by a merger of the Environmental division of Terberg Group of the Netherlands and Ros Roca Environment, part of Spain’s Ros Roca group, which has owned Dennis Eagle for the past eight years.

Terberg Group has a majority shareholding in the new company and Godfried Terberg, former Terberg Environmental Director, is Chief Executive. The new company has production plants in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Brazil and China. There are around 1,300 employees worldwide and annual turnover is put at €385 million (£300 million). Terberg Ros Roca’s core business is described as “manufacturing innovative, safe and robust equipment and developing hardware and software for the international waste disposal and recycling industry.”

Merger negotiations started last September. Finalisation of the deal last month gives Terberg control of the UK’s top-selling manufacturer of refuse-collection trucks, Dennis Eagle, including a Warwick site where refuse-collection truck chassis and bodywork are assembled.

Though its three-axle rigid trucks are bought almost exclusively by refuse-collection operations, Dennis Eagle nevertheless ranks second only to DAF Trucks by annual registration in the entire three-axle, 6×2 rigid sector of the UK truck market. In 2015, Dennis Eagle chalked up 494 registrations in this sector, up 15.2% on the 2014 figure. There were 983 6×2 rigid truck registrations for DAF Trucks last year, 470 for Mercedes-Benz and 422 for Scania. The Dennis Eagle Elite low-entry cab is also used by Renault Trucks on its refuse-collection trucks in continental Europe, though not offered at present on right-hand-drive Renault trucks in the UK.

Terberg Group is a family business with 20 operating companies in the automotive industry and a presence in nine countries.

The Dennis Eagle history goes back to the early 1900s when Dennis Brothers bought Eagle Engineering, based in Warwick. In 1991 Dennis Eagle purchased assets from former arch-rival Shelvoke & Drewry, following its crash. The ill-fated Mayflower Corporation bought the whole Dennis Specialist Vehicles group in 1998 but then sold on Dennis Eagle to ABN Amro, an acquisitive Dutch bank which ultimately became part of Royal Bank of Scotland and contributed to its spectacular downfall in the financial crisis of 2008. Ros Roca bought Dennis Eagle from ABN Amro in 2007.