January 2004 bus and coach registrations reflect declining trend

11 February 2004 #SMMT News

Registrations of new buses and coaches in 2003 were better than most industry executives envisaged. There were very positive annual growth rates of 7.3 per cent for all buses over 8.5t and 9.4 per cent for coaches.

However, the SMMT’s Bus and Coach Section expects to see decline over the near and medium term for bus registrations, with modest growth or stability for annual coach volume.

Underlying market trends are not clear using the standard month on month comparisons. These are often highly variable. There are long lags between orders, production, sales and registrations, so the key trends are better tracked over three, six or even 12 month periods. Also, the standard classification presented in the alongside all commercial vehicles in the SMMT press release is inappropriate if one wants to assess how the different segments of the sector are doing.

To help give a more balanced understanding of the trends in UK’s new bus and coach market, the SMMT is presenting an additional monthly series of information. This follows on the next page. Its basis is all vehicles registered with a bus and coach body type. It covers the whole spectrum from mini buses to double deck buses and to coaches. Direct comparisons with the standard monthly CV press release are not possible, as most mini buses are included in the heavy van category and there are some bus and coaches classified as commercial vehicles.

Over time, this new initiative will contribute to a better understanding of the nature and direction of the UK’s new bus and coach registrations.

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