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Strong start to new car registrations in 2004

05 February 2004 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News
  • New car registrations climbed 5.8 per cent to 197,591 units in January
  • Diesel cars took a record market share as registrations surged 20.5 per cent

Commenting on today’s new car registration figures, SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘January’s new car market continues a trend set over three consecutive record years. Fears over interest rate rises are not affecting registrations which remain strong on the back of a positive economic backdrop and raft of attractive new models. We can expect 2004 to be another year in which the UK consolidates its position as the second largest European market.’

Notes to editors

  1. New car registrations in the UK reached a record 2,579,050 million in 2003, up from 2,563,631 units in 2002 and 2,458,769 units in 2001. The 2004 market is expected to remain stable at 2.5 million units.
  2. Diesel registrations took a record market share climbing 20.9 per cent to 61,706 units or 31.2 per cent of the total market in January. In January 2002, diesel registrations reached 51,024 units (27.3 per cent of the total annual market). Total diesel registrations for 2004 are expected to account for 31.0 per cent of the market.
  3. Registration figures for 2004 now include cars bought through the UK franchised dealer system which leave the country as short-term exports, eg cars purchased by UK diplomats working abroad. These registrations accounted for 0.1 per cent of the total 2003 market.


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