Van Best Practice programme launched at SMMT

10 November 2009 #SMMT News

A programme to help van users cut running costs, improve safety and reduce environmental impact was launched today by transport minister Paul Clark MP at SMMT’s office in London.

The Van Best Practice programme is fully funded by the Department for Transport, managed by climate change consultants, AEA and supported by a variety of organisations, including SMMT. The initiative focuses on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions in van usage.  To help van users achieve these savings, two best practice guides entitled, “A Best Practice Guide to Cost-Effective Van Use” and “A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Fuel Use”, have been made available. It is estimated that an overall improvement in fuel efficiency of 5% would save nearly £250 million per year, reducing carbon emissions by three quarters of a million tonnes.
Transport minister Paul Clark said, “Vans are vital to the economy and therefore vital to our efforts to encourage low carbon transportation.  This programme will help reduce emissions as well as well as assisting users to save money by reducing costs.
“For the automotive industry, indeed for all of us, finding ways to cut vehicle emissions is not an optional extra, it is an absolute necessity.  With initiatives like this which blend the right amount of innovation and determination, I am confident we will succeed in creating a greener and cleaner industry fit to meet the environmental challenges we face.”
In support of the programme, SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt said, “SMMT is delighted to support this important initiative. The motor industry’s future depends on its ability to progress to low, lower and ultra-low carbon vehicles.  This initiative will inform purchasing decisions as well as encourage better driving techniques. It will also allow us to meet safety and environmental objectives, while enhancing cost savings for business.”
Organisations supporting the initiative include the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, the Road Haulage Association, the Freight Transport Association, vehicle leasing and rental suppliers Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Arval, as well as programmes such as Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) and Driving for Better Business.
Access the guides here.

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