Motor Codes survey reveals strength of network

11 March 2011 #SMMT News
Industry self-regulator opens its books to show low complaint levels
Each month, Motor Codes publishes the monthly performance figures of its garage network, based on direct customer feedback, and satisfaction levels remain consistently high. 
Motor Codes customer survey results – February 2011
Overall satisfaction
Recommend to friends/family
Booking process
Quality of service or repair
Quality of information provided
Level of customer service
Data source: 1,627 service or repair customers that completed surveys between
1 and 28 February 2011.
Looking beneath the surface of these headline figures, Motor Codes points to the effectiveness of its free advice line and conciliation service as a significant driver in keeping complaint levels down and satisfaction levels high, as Chris Mason, Managing Director, explains why, “In the absence of Consumer Direct figures this year, in which car service and repair have traditionally featured, Motor Codes looked to its own customer surveys to establish the level of complaints to garages within the network. Within the last 12 months, only 5% of survey respondents had cause to make a complaint to a garage. This equates to only 500 or so motorists from over 11,000 surveyed* – something that subscribing garages should be proud of. The Motor Codes advice line plays a big part in this, with motorists and garages able to discuss situations independently without getting embroiled in formal complaints.”
Since the inception of the Service and Repair Code in 2008, the number of complaints received by government stabilised, with the last set of Consumer Direct figures showing only a 1% rise.
“This is a trend we aim to build on, working closely with Trading Standards and DfT”, Chris added.
The Motor Codes network has expanded to over 6,500 garages, with its activity overseen by the Independent Compliance and Assessment Panel, chaired by Ron Gainsford OBE, Chief Executive at Trading Standards Institute.
Customer survey winner – February 2011
Motor Codes encourages subscribing garages to participate in its Code Survey and gather meaningful feedback from customers, with the aim of developing a network of ‘safe haven’ garages that the public can call upon through an online Garage Finder tool –
To help generate this useful feedback, motorists are incentivised to complete the survey by drawing one customer each month who wins back the cost of their service or repair. The garage of the winning customer receives £250 of Snap-On Tools vouchers.
This week, Motor Codes informed Jeremy Gibbs of Cambridge that he had won the February prize draw and he is looking forward to receiving a cheque for £167.40 to cover the full cost of his service at Marshall Chrysler, Cambridge.

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