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Nissan Green Program

01 July 2013 #Sustainability Case studies

2012 was the first full year of the latest Nissan Green Program (NGP2016); the third environmental mid-term plan to be introduced by Nissan.

The NGP2016 objectives cover all aspects of Nissan’s global activities, and are supported by all of Nissan’s UK-based operations.

Key global objectives are set against FY2005 figures: Reducing CO2 emissions from manufacturing by 27% (CO2/car) – reduced by 20.5% to date

Promoting CO2 reduction activities concerning inbound and outbound logistics

Reducing the carbon footprint of office locations by 1% each year – already reduced by 2.6%

Reducing waste from all manufacturing operations by 1% each year – average reduction has reached 12.3%

Following the success of NGP2005 and NGP2010, Nissan’s UK based operations are ahead of schedule to achieve all of the NGP2016 environmental objectives.


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