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Top security from Truckminder saves CV property from theft

01 May 2014 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #CV Show

Truckminder has used the CV Show to unveil a host of anti-theft solutions to protect the commercial vehicle market.

Among its suite of products on offer at the Show is a protection device for the diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter, which uses a sensor to detect when the filters are being disturbed. This applies to all manner of methods including unbolting, cutting or sawing the unit off of the vehicle. The sensor then triggers an alarm to warn of tampering, but Truckminder has taken this system a step further and has offered a GSM unit with a pay-as-you-go sim card. This will send the owner or driver of the vehicle a text message warning them the vehicle is being tampered with. It has also created a device for fuel tanks, which senses any tampering, whether it is being drilled into, or pumped out.

Next on the Truckminder’s list is a detection device tied in with the telematics to stop people siphoning fuel from trucks. This sensor will send a report via the telematics of its location so fleet operators can monitor irregularities.

Truckminder has also brought the ECULoc to the Show. This device protects the vehicle’s ECU from being removed and exchanged in order to steal the van. It is a common problem that has affected the various vans and pick-ups in the past.

Filip De Kock, Director of Truckminder, said that this is becoming a big problem in the UK, and that on many occasions the vehicle is stolen and then untraceable. “It is a big problem for the police as they don’t know what is going on as these vans seem to disappear from this planet,” he added.

ECULoc is also tied into the sensor system and will send a text message to the owner to let them know their ECU is being tampered with.

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