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RHA calls for cut in fuel duty in election manifesto

15 April 2015 #CV Show #Logistics #News #Policy #Top Stories

The Road Haulage Association has called upon the 2.1 million voters working in the road haulage and logistics industry to reach out to political candidates who will support a 3ppl cut in fuel duty.

Launching its General Election 2015 Manifesto at the CV Show, the RHA has also listed specific recommendations to save the economy £14bn in congestion-related costs.

“The road haulage industry is an essential enabler of economic growth, employment and wealth creation,” said RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett.

“This means the next government must, at least, keep fuel duty frozen, invest towards achieving a congestion free, fit-for-purpose roads network and, crucially, keep the supply chain moving by helping the industry recruit and train sufficient numbers of drivers.”

The RHA’s manifesto also proposes security, safety and environmental policies.

The Freight Transport Association also launched its manifesto at the CV Show, calling for better government support for the logistics sector.

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