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Mercedes-Benz to retrofit QR stickers to older vans

28 July 2015 #News #Top Stories #Van

Mercedes-Benz has announced a further step in its Rescue Assist QR sticker programme, which provides vital information about a vehicle to emergency service teams.

Already standard on new vans, Mercedes-Benz UK is now offering to retrofit QR stickers free of charge to any of its vans built since 1996.

By scanning the QR code with an enabled smartphone or tablet, emergency crews can access key information for the vehicle to help provide faster rescue of occupants. This includes the location of vital components such as airbags, electrical cables and fuel tanks.

Standardising the location of the stickers ensures rescue workers can easily find them. Each vehicle is fitted with two stickers, one on each side, to ensure they are easily accessible.

In addition to minimising risks to both occupants and emergency workers, Mercedes-Benz estimates the QR stickers can save around two minutes of time in a rescue, which could be critical for the welfare of injured occupants inside the vehicle.

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