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More measures taken to address Calais situation

06 August 2015 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Top Stories

The Department for Transport has updated its information and advice regarding the ongoing travel disruptions at Calais.

The government has announced up to £7 million of additional funding to increase security at the Channel Tunnel railhead in Coquelles, in addition to another £15 million of funding to reinforce security and infrastructure of ports in northern France and Belgium. New fencing has been installed and a new secure area for freight will be created at Calais port.

An exceptional temporary relaxation of the enforcement of EU drivers’ hours rules has been granted for drivers delayed due to Operation Stack in Kent, in an attempt to ensure freight is not further delayed beyond the traffic disruptions.

As reported yesterday, Manston Airfield will be used to provide extra short-term parking during Operation Stack to reduce congestion on the M20 towards the Port of Dover. New arrangements are being implemented to prioritise ‘quick to market’ goods and other designated loads across the Channel.

The government says it is committed to tackling the root cause of the Calais problems by increasing joint intelligence work with the French authorities to target people smuggling operations.

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