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Renault reveals EZ-FLEX urban delivery concept

24 April 2019 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #TNB News #Van

Renault has this week unveiled its new solution for inner city distribution and last-mile deliveries.

The Renault EZ-FLEX has been designed to address the evolving demands of urban logistics and offers a combination of sustainable mobility and delivery efficiency.

Compact and manoeuvrable – the EZ-FLEX is 3.86m long, 1.65m wide and 1.88m tall – the vehicle’s dimensions make it ideally suited to narrow and busy city centre operations.

However, clever design means there’s still an exceptional load capacity of 3m3 while the cockpit offers all the features drivers would expect in a standard LCV.

A dozen EZ-FLEX models will now be loaned out to operators across Europe over the next two years, feeding back real-world data that will help Renault designers develop the innovations of tomorrow.

The concept model has a range of 100km; enough to handle the 50km driven daily by the average delivery vehicle.

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