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Hyundai investment accelerates autonomous driving development

09 October 2019 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Uncategorised

Hyundai CRADLE, the Korean manufacturer’s corporate venturing and open innovation business, has announced its investment is a US-based intelligent technology company in a move that will accelerate the development of autonomous driving system.

Netradyne, which specialises in fleet safety management software, has already captured and analysed over one million unique miles of the 2.7 million total miles of paved roads in the United States. This data includes numerous passes over the same roads to provide deeper insights into how driving and road different conditions may change throughout the year.

The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) vision-based dashcam devices to monitor safety performance of fleet vehicles. Netradyne’s system may also crowdsource road and driving behavior metadata.

The new agreement will see Hyundai and Netradyne collaborate to utilize the road and driving behavior data collected by Netradyne to support HD mapping and map updates for Hyundai’s development of future Level 3 + Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving features.

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