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The nine-year road to zero

19 November 2020 #TNB News #Uncategorised

This week we finally have the confirmed date for ending the sale of new LCVs with internal combustion engines as their main power source: 2030, with hybrids following five years later. Manufacturers began to invest in alternatively fuelled vehicles years ago, but this new deadline, fast-tracked by a decade, sets an immense challenge.

As well as delivering these new technologies into the market over such a short period, a big barrier to uptake is the current lack of infrastructure: operators will need to have confidence that vehicles can be charged as quickly and conveniently as they can be refuelled today.

In 2019 only 1% of all new vans registered in the UK were pure electric – if this is to become 100% in 15 years’ time, hybrid vehicles will be crucial in enabling fleet transformation on such a colossal scale. This rapid transition will need input from all sides, and we stand ready to work with government on fulfilling this commitment of getting us one step closer to net zero.

There will be a separate consultation around HGVs recognising that today we don’t yet have a proven technology available. And we await the long and overdue National Bus Strategy, mentioned again in the plan published this week, and hopefully with us by the year end.

Decarbonisation will surely be the biggest change undertaken by UK Automotive in the years ahead, presenting huge technical and logistical challenges but also enormous opportunities for both our global industry and the UK economy.

We’re excited to have the CV Show back on the books with a new date: June 8 – 10 2021. Moving the date of the Show due to ongoing Covid uncertainty will give exhibitors and visitors confidence they need to attend and make preparations in advance. Find out more about the new date and how to book space here.

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