Expanding the scope for VECTO

04 November 2021 #Uncategorised

COP26 and the big climate issues are dominating the headlines, but within our sector, regulations some discussed nearly a decade ago are coming into force. Heavy trucks have long been subject to the VECTO regulations, recently bringing lighter vehicles into scope.

A draft proposal, that includes transitional provisions, would mean that under ECWVTA, CO2 certification will be mandatory from January 2024 for O3 trailers over eight tonnes and all O4 trailers up to three axles (semi-trailer, centre axle and drawbar) built with a closed box body design (dry box, reefer, curtain side, tarpaulin body).

A consultation is expected to run from December into mid-January 2022, with final adoption by March 2022. Buses are already underway, although we await UK plans for roll-out.

Also, in the news this week are the LCV registrations for October. Although the market continues to cool, it’s still well ahead on last year.

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