Wrapping up the year

16 December 2021 #Uncategorised

Well folks, we finally approach the end of what, without doubt, has been the most challenging year for our industry: Brexit, Covid and all those supply chain disruptions, by no means over of course. On the Brexit front, you could argue it’s just getting going.

We all know that 2022 will bring its own unique set of challenges and opportunities – whether it’s full customs controls on the UK borders, ongoing pandemic restrictions, or new technologies coming to market that will help our sector become even greener and safer.

As regular readers will know, for many years I have been saying how resourceful and resilient the automotive sector is. In recent visits to our members, I have been struck at the level of confidence in the future and the amount of investment being made or planned. While there will be much to do next year, that planning, investment and confidence means we can look forward to a well-deserved festive break.

Merry Christmas everyone, and hopefully see you all again in a much better new year.

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