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Five minutes with… Sarah Hirst, Client and Green Parts Director, Synetiq

24 November 2022 #Features & Interviews

Tell us about Synetiq?

Synetiq, an IAA company, is the largest integrated salvage, dismantling and vehicle recycling company in the UK. As an integrated, data driven and innovative business, we have led the way in raising industry standards and continually innovating ways of working, to deliver great value, ensure complete compliance and a positive experience.

Synetiq is proud to have major household names in its portfolio, including insurers, accident management companies, fleets, police forces, logistics companies, vehicle repair body shops, and remanufacturers.

With cutting edge data and software solutions, multiple sites, a specialist vehicle recovery fleet and over 500 dedicated UK-based employees, customers and clients trust Synetiq to create bespoke solutions to deliver the maximum benefit for their business.  Our primary goal is to understand client and customer needs, delivering the right solution, first time.


You joined Synetiq earlier this year. What experience do you bring to your current role?

Having worked in vehicle repair and fleet management, I understand the crucial factors that allow green parts to be used effectively. For us, it’s about taking a partnership approach with garages, bodyshops and insurance repair partners, to ensure we can unlock the potential of sustainable vehicle repair together.


What are your thoughts about EV battery disposal?

We have seen a ten-fold increase in electrified car and van disposal over the last two years and are now calling for a collaborative industry approach to identify a solution for safe recycling of EV batteries within the next 12 to 24 months.

As a recycler we have the responsibility to dispose of EV batteries in the safest, most cost-effective, and sustainable way for our clients.

The good news is we’re already collaborating with several different organisations to make sure we’re doing everything we can to solve the industry-wide challenge, exploring all potential avenues to identify a recycling process for EV batteries.

EV battery disposal is still presenting a challenge within the recycling industry, but Synetiq has already invested heavily to futureproof its sites for increased volume.


How can Synetiq’s EV dismantling and recycling centre help?

Last year we opened the doors to our new EV Dismantling and Recycling Centre, equipped with three bespoke battery storage units to safely home both EV battery packs as well as smaller PHEV units. Each unit is equipped with a fire suppression system as well as being installed on its own concrete pad to ensure total separation from other operations.

It’s vital for everyone to recognise the safety implications of working with EVs. From the point of vehicle collection through to dismantling, colleagues at every stage of the process have been trained to correctly and safely handle EVs.


Can you tell us more about your parts relationship with Europcar?

Since it began working with Synetiq in 2019, Europcar stated it has avoided 163,583.18 kg CO2 by using green parts for vehicle fleet repairs. The recent Europcar solution is one example of how green parts can be demonstrably effective in vehicle repair – reducing CO2 emissions, repair cost and vehicle-off-road time.

For large fleets, it is imperative that repairs are dealt with as swiftly as possible to allow vehicles to get back on the road.

Sarah Hirst, Client and Green Parts Director, Synetiq


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