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UK Pavilion shines at SIAT 2024

31 January 2024 #International Update

A Triumph of Global Collaboration in the Post-Pandemic Era

Overseas visits are invaluable in helping companies identify and meet new trade partners. As India stands on the cusp of a revolution in electric mobility, the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) was an excellent opportunity to unlock a significant global market for zero-emission vehicles and technology.

The automotive sectors in India and the UK have enjoyed decades of close collaboration and the shift to increasingly electric, connected, and automated vehicles offered fresh opportunities for companies in both countries to develop new business. The pace of progress is only going to accelerate so those companies that can establish firm links now will be well-positioned for future growth.

The event, which spanned four action-packed days, with the UK Pavilion playing a pivotal role in showcasing the prowess of the UK automotive industry especially as the pavilion stood out as the sole country pavilion with exhibiting organisations, showcasing the strength and innovation of the UK automotive industry.

The mission comprised of numerous activities including B2B meetings, a demonstration from EKA Mobility of one of their innovative electric buses, a vibrant networking reception, and an extensive three-day exhibition at the SIAT expo. A total of 14 UK companies exhibited on the UK Pavilion at the SIAT expo, contributing to the impressive assembly of over 250 exhibitors from around the globe.

The networking reception was a hub of activity, with over 100 attendees from the UK delegation and Indian companies seeking to establish meaningful connections. Notably, Harjinder Kang, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia and Deputy High Commissioner for Western India, was in attendance, further emphasizing the importance of this international collaboration.

A testament to the mission’s success was the setup of over 60 B2B meetings, facilitating crucial exchanges between UK delegates and Indian companies. These meetings are poised to create lasting partnerships and foster business development opportunities, aligning with the dynamic changes in the automotive sector.

Early indications from exhibitors suggest positive feedback, reaffirming the success of the UK Pavilion and the broader SIAT expo. This positive sentiment bodes well for the future of international collaborations in the automotive sector.

As the curtain falls on the first in-person SIAT since 2019, the UK Pavilion stands tall, embodying the spirit of global collaboration and innovation. The SIAT 2024 mission is not just a reunion but a celebration of resilience, progress, and the limitless potential of international partnerships in the automotive industry.

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