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December new car pre-registration figures

26 January 2001 #Pre-Registration #Registrations #SMMT News

December new car pre-registration figures

Today, SMMT releases figures for December pre-registrations in the UK car

market. The data shows the number of cars disposed of in December 2000 that

were defined as pre-registrations.

The Supply of New Cars Order 2000 requires motor manufacturers to publish the

number of pre-registered cars supplied and the gross income suppliers receive

from selling those pre-registered cars. This information is published on a monthly


SMMT already produces new car registration and production figures and this

information will bring further transparency and clarity to the UK car market.

Notes to Editors

The Supply of New Cars Order 2000:

Pre-registered car

A new car which a supplier has caused to be registered before the terms and

conditions of its supply to an end-user have been agreed, but does not include:

(a) a car so registered because its certificate of conformity with a vehicle

type-approved under the EC Vehicle Type Approval Scheme is about to become invalid

(b) a car retained for a period of at least three months.


A person that manufactures cars for supply within, or imports new cars for

supply into, the UK, who had a market share of one per cent or more of the total

supply of new cars in the UK in the preceding calendar year.

Pre-registrations data

The attached table shows the pre-registration figures for Great Britain, Northern

Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands in detail. Providing the SMMT

is acknowledged as the source of this information, the figures may be quoted.

Substantial reproduction needs specific approval by the SMMT.


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