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Change to label may confuse, not inform says SMMT

21 March 2001 #Emissions #SMMT News

In 1999 the motor industry, acting in advance of legislation

and with the full support of the UK government, launched a green label for all

new cars on sale in the UK. The label was designed to give new car buyers key

environmental information on emissions and noise to allow them to make an informed


Today’s announcement by the DTLR of a completely different

colour coded label is likely to confuse customers rather than provide any more

useful information.

Christopher Macgowan chief executive SMMT said, ‘We are looking

at the DTLR proposals with interest. However, consumers are only now becoming

accustomed to the current label – yet another new initiative by the UK government

is likely to confuse rather than clarify.


Notes to editors

  1. SMMT Introduced the environmental label in December 1999.
  2. The European Directive on Fuel Consumption and CO2

    labelling was implemented as recently as November 2001.

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