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Fleet sector logs on to SMMT CO2 service in record numbers

08 August 2001 #Emissions #SMMT News

Fleet managers across the UK are logging on to the new and

improved SMMT CO2 enquiry service in huge numbers to

check company car tax liabilities.

The service, which had averaged around 500 ‘hits’ a day during

the first five months of the year, saw enquiries soar to more than 3,000 a day

towards the end of June.

Commenting on the news Christopher Macgowan, SMMT Chief Executive

said, ‘SMMT has put a great deal of work into ensuring that this is the definitive

source of CO2 information in the UK and clearly we are

best placed to offer this service. It is vital that the information is as accurate

and accessible as possible as people try to get to grips with the new tax regime

due next year’.

Launched in June this year, the revamped site contains information

sourced directly from first registration forms. It is received electronically

via the AFRL* system, or from the V55 form, cutting down on data input errors.

The entire database is refreshed every month as new model variants come on stream,

making this the most comprehensive CO2 information service

available. Existing data for older models has also been updated ensuring that

all the information is as accurate as possible.

Notes to editors

  1. *AFRL – Automated First Registration and Licensing.
  2. The new company car tax regime comes into effect in April

    2002. The rate of tax payable will be based on list price of a car adjusted

    by its carbon dioxide output. Cars emitting less than 165 g/km CO2

    will be taxed at the lowest rate, 15 per cent of list price. Increments of

    5 g/km will add one per cent to the taxable rate. For example, a car emitting

    170 g/km CO2 will incur 16 per cent tax on list price,

    195 g/km will incur 21 per cent. The maximum rate will be 35 per cent. Diesel

    cars attract an additional three per cent levy. The new CO2

    based system replaces the current ‘mileage adjuster’ where company car tax

    is based on the list price adjusted by the number of business miles driven

    in a year.
  3. For further information on CO2 reports,

    or any other industry data, contact Tim Bruin on 020 7344 1655 or E-Mail

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