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August CV market up again, led by vans and artics

06 September 2001 #HGVs #Registrations #SMMT News

August CV market up again, led by vans and artics

  • The August market is at 5.0 per cent, up after July. Year on year growth

    now in five out of eight months this year.
  • Figures show a 1.6 per cent increase to 193,394 vehicles, YTD and a market

    likely to beat last year’s 289,043 registrations.

Van sales are looking good, with heavier models selling very well. Together

with two-axle tractors they led the registration race in August,’ said SMMT

chief executive Christopher Macgowan. ‘Other changes to the operating environment

are also affecting the market. There is a continued drift from light trucks

to vans and at the heavier end of the spectrum, the imminent change to Euro

3 rated engines is distorting the truck market.’

Vans drive market up in August

  • August LCV market up, with a return to growth. July the only month this

    year when the LCV market has not grown. 5.1 per cent rise to 11,600 units

    in August.
  • Year to date Figures show a 2.5 per cent hike to 156,460 units.

Purpose-built light vans are continuing to score over their car-derived competitors.

Restructuring by major customers shows in light van fleet buying patterns, but

a booming service sector helps to keep light van volumes up.

For medium vans, up to 3.5 tonnes, the drift away from light trucks to medium

and heavy vans continues. Several operators are replacing light trucks with

vans and avoiding the bureaucracy associated with commercial vehicles over 3.5


People moving bulk rather than weight find that medium vans, up to 3.5 tonnes,

have nearly the same capacity as heavier vehicles, without the cost burden of

Operating Licences, tachographs and driver’s hours restrictions. We expect this

pattern to continue for some years, as existing light trucks come up for replacement.

Two-axle artic market jumps in August

At the heavier end of the market, the change to Euro 3 engines on 1 October

will affect the market. Manufacturers need to get all their Euro 2 trucks registered

within a tight time window and operators will take advantage of any incentives


Some manufacturers have sold all their Euro 2 truck stocks, adding another

factor to an already complicated market.


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