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October market up as vans continue to lead growth

06 November 2001 #HGVs #Registrations #SMMT News

October market up as vans continue to lead growth

  • October registrations increased by 3.4 per cent, to 25,205 units.
  • ear-to-date figures are up 4.1 per cent at 264,891 units and look set to

    meet the annual forecast of 303,800 units

Commenting on today’s figures, SMMT chief executive, Christopher Macgowan said,

‘Overall the market is up in October, which spells good news for the industry

as a whole, but by no means gives the complete picture. Strong demand in the

LCVs sector has compensated for a slowdown in the heavy truck and bus and coach

markets. Changes to euro emissions regulations may have impacted on traditional

buying patterns’.

October growth led by strong van demand

  • LCV registrations rose by 7.9 per cent in October. The additional 1,496

    units provided most of the overall market’s growth.
  • Heavy vans were responsible for most of the volume improvement in the LCV

    sector, but 4x4s also enjoyed big gains.

Light commercial vehicle registrations lead growth in total CV demand

The LCV sector saw strong growth for the year to June, then slowed in July.

Since this mid-year dip, however, figures indicate a return to strength. Total

LCV registrations rose by 7.9 per cent in October. Their share of all CV registrations

for the month, 81.4 per cent, increased from 78.1 per cent for the same month

last year. The heavier vans in the 2.6-3.5 tonnes weight category were again

the focus of growth in overall LCV demand, with an extra 2,010 units. This is

21.3 per cent up on October 2000 volumes.

For the year to October, all LCV registrations were up by 4.9 per cent, with

heavier vans (2.6-3.5 tonnes) recording growth of 17.3 per cent over the same


Rigids fall, bus and coach back on track October

Total truck registrations fall

Total truck registrations fell by 12.1 per cent in October. However, registrations

for the first 10 months of the year remain up 2.2 per cent with underlying demand

still healthy. October registrations reflect the easing of demand now that the

deadline to register euro 2 trucks has passed.

The rigid registrations sector declined 11.8 per cent for the month. For the

first 10 months of the year, however, growth remained strong at 5.8 per cent.

Artic registrations were down for the month of October, following three successive

months of growth.

Bus and coach registrations recovering?

Bus and coach registrations fell in October, following a similar pattern to

other vehicle registrations that may have been affected by the euro 2/3 deadline.

The annual total is estimated to reach 3,500 units.

Growth remains predominantly with LCVs, but heavy truck registrations have

helped boost the market’s performance to ensure that total CV registrations

in 2001 will better the 2000 level.


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