Trucks deliver breakfast to Mr Smith and cash to Mr Brown

16 November 2001 #SMMT News

A typical 38 tonne truck will deliver more than £100 million

pounds worth of goods during its 10-year life, according to figures from SMMT.

In a new report called Who’s Tapping the Truck? SMMT shows the value that commercial

vehicles bring to society and their significant contribution to HM Treasury

through taxation.

While we all benefit from the goods trucks deliver, it’s the

Chancellor Gordon Brown who gains most from the vehicle itself. During the 10-year

life of a typical 38 tonne truck the Treasury takes almost 40 per cent of the

£597,176 generated through its running and operating costs.

Travelling 80,000 miles a year, it will use about 55,000 litres

of fuel, costing about £35,000. Some 80 per cent of that goes to the Chancellor

in fuel duty. Road tax (VED) last year cost £2,710, making a total of more than

£30,000 in tax revenue, per truck, year on year. With more than 40,000 two axle

38 tonne trucks on UK roads, that makes about £1.3 billion in tax take from

these vehicles alone.

SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘It is road

transport that links the threads of modern society. Without the contribution

of trucks and other commercial vehicles the things we all take for granted would

disappear. They deliver everything from eggs and bacon to the components used

to make televisions and washing machines. While the Government continues to

take significant income from truck operators it must be warned not to tax them

out of business.’

At the end of last year there were more than half a million

heavy commercial vehicles on UK roads and more than 2.7 million light commercials.

VED from these vehicles alone topped £450 million in 2000.

Note to editors:

SMMT published Who’s milking the Motor Car? in May

2001. The report showed that a car generates more than five times its showroom

price during a nine-year life, with the government taking more than 23 per cent

of the income generated. Copies are available (from this web site)

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