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A comprehensive CO2 database, launched by SMMT in 2001, shows that new car CO2 emissions are continuing to fall

19 December 2001 #Emissions #SMMT News

A comprehensive CO2 database, launched

by SMMT in 2001, shows that new car CO2 emissions are

continuing to fall. Average CO2 output fell by 1.8 per

cent, from 181g/km in 2000 to 177.8 g/km by November this year, confirming Britain’s

on-going contribution to CO2reduction targets set by

European car makers.

The new database, which is regularly updated, also shows a

marked shift in buying patterns this year. The new car

market increasingly features smaller, cleaner petrol and diesel cars as buyers

focus on CO2 based Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and company

car tax liabilities.

In the first 11 months of the year, 24 per cent of all new

cars emitted less than 150g/km CO2 – the threshold for

the lowest VED rate – compared to just 7.8 per cent in 1997. From April 2002

company car drivers with cars emitting less than 165 g/km CO2

qualify for the lowest 15 per cent tax liability. This proportion of the market

is now a massive 47.6 per cent, more than doubling the 22.9 per cent share in


A number of tailor-made reports are now available to companies

with SMMT’s new database. As a taster, SMMT can exclusively reveal the ‘top

ten’ lowest CO2 emitting cars currently on the market:

(See attachment)

SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan

said, ‘The new database contains a wealth of information and is updated on a

regular basis. The quality of data is first class and SMMT now offers any number

of tailor-made CO2 reports for the industry. This is

yet another valuable string in an already impressive bow of SMMT industry data’.

Notes to editors:

  1. In a groundbreaking voluntary agreement European car manufacturers

    agreed to reduce average new car CO2 emissions across

    Europe by 25 per cent from 1995 levels to 140 g/km in 2008. The Japanese Car

    Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and Korean Car Makers Association (KAMA)

    members have signed a similar agreement.
  2. The new company car tax regime comes into effect in April

    2002. The rate of tax payable will be based on list price of a car adjusted

    by its carbon dioxide output. Cars emitting less than 165 g/km CO2

    will be taxed at the lowest rate, 15 per cent of list price. Increments of

    5 g/km will add one per cent to the taxable rate. For example, a car emitting

    170 g/km CO2 will incur 16 per cent tax on list price,

    195 g/km will incur 21 per cent. The maximum rate will be 35 per cent. Diesel

    cars attract an additional three per cent levy. The new CO2

    based system replaces the current ‘mileage adjuster’ where company car tax

    is based on the list price adjusted by the number of business miles driven

    in a year.
  3. For further information on CO2 reports,

    or any other industry data, contact Tim Bruin on 020 7344 1655 or E-Mail

  4. The table of top ten CO2 emitters

    does not include Ford’s TH!NK City electric car. This vehicle boasts zero

    carbon dioxide emissions.


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