e-Business and the Motor Industry explained

17 April 2002 #SMMT News

It is now possible to design a vehicle entirely on computer, without an engineer using a pencil to draw it or a clay model to style it. The factory can then source the components needed to build it using the Internet, and the retailer could sell it on-line without ever meeting the customer. But how does this help the UK motor industry?

Making use of the technology to improve your business, rather than using technology for its own sake is the focus of the first ever SMMT / DTI e-Business seminar in Coventry on 13 February 2001.

From component design through to whole vehicle manufacturing and supply, there are e-Business solutions available now which could offer benefits, but which of these will help and which merely add cost?

‘e-Business in the Motor Industry’ at the Coventry University Technology Centre will explore the key developments in each area by questioning the relevance of each for the motor industry, providing the opportunity for manufacturers and component suppliers to debate the issues in an open forum.

‘The greatest opportunity to cut costs, improve productivity and reduce delivery times for the motor industry lies beneath our fingertips,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT’s Chief Executive. ‘The challenge for the whole industry is to get to grips with the potential opportunities offered by new technology, and then find the right partner to make it work within each business’.

Notes to Editors

  1. ‘e-Business and the Motor Industry’ is presented by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and the Department of Trade and Industry. Details of the seminar programme can be found (on this website)
  2. e-Business solutions under discussion at the seminar include; Covisint, the world’s largest B2B internet exchange ; ENX, the global automotive network exchange ; EDI the electronic data interchange and the role of ASPs, the Application Service Providers.
  3. The Department of Trade and Industry will explain more about the Developing Horizons programme for second and third tier suppliers. 4. The UK motor industry employs 750,000 people directly in the design and manufacture of vehicles. Automotive manufacturing is the single biggest manufacturing sector in the UK, delivering some 5.5 per cent of the annual Gross Domestic Product.

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