Fuel is still the Chancellor”s golden goose

23 May 2002 #SMMT News

Drivers filling up on forecourts across the UK helped swell

Government coffers by more than £22 billion last year. This phenomenal

figure represents a £4 billion annual increase since Labour came to power

in 1997. The numbers are published today in the new Motor Industry FACTS – 2002.

While fuel duty remains the golden goose for Gordon Brown,

hard-pressed motorists also face a host of other taxes too. Vehicle Excise Duty

generated £4.3 billion for the Treasury last year, while beleaguered company

car drivers forked out a further £3.7 billion.

Thanks to motorists, 2001 was another bumper year for Gordon

Brown, with a total of more than £40 billion taken from driver’s pockets

and commercial vehicle operators in 2001. DVLA has raised a further £595

million with the sale of personalised registration numbers.

SMMT Chief Executive Christopher Macgowan greeted the news

by saying, ‘Industry taxes amount to 11 per cent of the Government’s total revenue

from taxation. While the recent budget brought some positive news for industry

and motorists, we would be keen to see more incentives to encourage the purchase

of cleaner vehicles, rather than more punitive taxes.’

Information can be found on pages 14 and

15 of Motor Industry FACTS – 2002

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