SMMT welcomes dramatic fall in car crime

11 July 2002 #SMMT News

The government’s annual crime statistics, released today, show that vehicle crime is down by 26 per cent since 1997. More recent figures also contained in the report show that between 1999 and 2001/02, theft of and from vehicles fell by 14 per cent.

The fall in crime reflects the fact that over the last five years new cars have had complex alarms and immobilisers fitted as standard.

In a race to stay one step ahead of the criminal, car makers have gone to extraordinary lengths in some cases to make their vehicles harder to steal. Many cars now have shielded locks, remote alarms and engine immobilisers with literally trillions of combinations, making them virtually impossible to ‘hack’.

Commenting on the news, SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘Car owners will look at these figures and be pleased to see that manufacturers’ efforts to make vehicles more secure are paying off. As new technology is developed we would hope to see these figures fall again in the next five years.’

Note to Editors:

‘Crime in England and Wales 2001/02’ is released today by government, and media copies can be obtained from the home office press office on 020 7273 4545.

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