You won”t get away with a new car

30 July 2002 #SMMT News

Research published by What Car? has shown that new cars are

more secure than they have ever been before, demonstrating the huge advances

manufacturers have made in improving security features for new models.

From small cars, to sports cars and 4x4s, What Car?’s latest

Security Supertest found that not one of the 60 models tested could be driven

away without the keys. Almost half could not be broken into. There were also

record scores in this year’s test with three cars scoring 100 per cent, 15 scored

at least 90 per cent and none less than 50 per cent.

Results prompted What Car? to say that car makers are responding

successfully to the problem, providing ‘one piece of good news’ in an otherwise

disappointing overall rise in car crime.

Commenting on the results, SMMT chief executive Christopher

Macgowan said, ‘This news confirms that the industry is doing its bit. The fact

that none of the cars could be driven away should be comforting news to new

car buyers in Britain.

‘Nevertheless, we need to be clear that car crime is a major

problem, and we all have a clear responsibility to make sure we take steps to

make stealing cars, new or old, a thing of the past’, he added.

Note to editors:

Christopher Macgowan sits on the Home Office Vehicle Crime

Reduction Action Team (VCRAT) and is also a member of the VCRAT Executive.

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