OFT agrees with consumers that the market is fair

16 September 2002 #SMMT News

  • No rules broken
  • No charges to answer
  • UK car market is open and transparent

The Office of Fair Trading today confirmed that the UK car

market is operating in a fair and transparent way in accordance with the Supply

of New Car Orders 2000. After a year long investigation John Vickers, the director

general of fair trading said, ‘None of the suppliers investigated had discriminated

unfairly between fleet and dealer discounts for the purchase of new cars.’

SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan commented, ‘The investigation

proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the market is operating in a competitive

and fair way and we are delighted that the OFT has made this view public.

‘In the days before the publication of the draft rules on

Block Exemption, car buyers should be heartened to know that after rigorous

examination the industry has been shown to be operating in an open and transparent


The OFT investigation focussed on car suppliers following

complaints from the National Franchised Dealers Association and the Consumers’

Association. On every count the OFT agreed with the industry that there was

no case to answer.


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