Industry supports Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

16 January 2003 #SMMT News

Today’s launch of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) has been welcomed by the SMMT, the body representing motor manufacturers in the UK. SMMT members will play a key role in the Partnership, which aims to promote the take-up of low carbon vehicles and develop the UK as a market leader.

New vehicles are becoming cleaner every year but the industry is committed to continuous improvement with alternatives to traditional petrol and diesel models. The LowCVP will allow manufacturers to move forward in partnership with other stakeholders including the fuel industry, consumer groups, academia and the government to develop low carbon technologies within a practical framework.

The market has already started to see a shift towards cleaner, lower carbon vehicles. New car sales in the ‘supermini’ segment have risen by 20 per cent, and market share of carbon dioxide efficient diesel models has risen from 14.1 to 23.5 per cent in the last two years. But to meet targets set for 2012 in the Government’s Powering Future Vehicles Strategy, the market for low carbon vehicles powered by alternatives like LPG, CNG and ‘hybrids’ needs to be encouraged further. Today’s launch is the first step in this process.

SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan commented, ‘The motor industry fully supports this important initiative to make the UK a leader in the development of low carbon vehicle technology. While hydrogen fuel cells remain a long term goal for many manufacturers, it is vital that all stakeholders buy in to the LowCVP to encourage the growth of cleaner, low carbon vehicles in the medium term.’

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